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Each month we present a "Featured Product" or "Featured Category" explaining the  Who, What, Where, When & Why of that product or group of products as well as a 10% OFF discount...Enjoy! 

This month we present our  
7-1/2 x 11-1/4"  .040" thick, rigid, White or Black Polystyrene material.

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WHO: Should use them? The Comic Book Collector, Comic Book Store owner or the Convention Entrepreneur that wants to more visibly & safely display the Comic Books that are in bins or boxes.

Are the products' main function? More visibility of Comic Book categories and titles when used in Boxes at shows or in Bins at stores. Less stress on displayed comics due to the dividers thickness.

Do people use them? Personal collections don't necessarily need these longer divider cards as they don't fit in standard comic boxes with the lids on. However, when sorting or organizing a personal collection, they can be very convenient. The main places they are used are in Comic Book Store Bins and at Comic Shows where visibility and strength are key. These extra strong dividers are .040" thick (standard strength is .030"). The write-on tabs are 1-1/8" and the overall length is 11-1/4 (vs.the standard 10-7/8").

Should people use them? Wherever customers shop. The extra length and the extra wide write-on tab makes it easy for customers to see the category titles without excessively rifling through the bins or boxes. The extra strength (.040") helps support the comics in the bins or boxes - which means less stress on the comic books that are being displayed.

Main benefit of using this product: Better Title Visibility. Less stress on displayed comics in stores and at shows.